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CalCompDrawingBoard VI 'Large Format' Digitizing Tablets

CalComp DrawingBoard VI The CalComp DrawingBoard VI Large Format series are the perfect tool for GIS, CAD, apparel, textile, engineering and design professionals. Each board features a multitude of standard features including self diagnostics to ensure optimal performance. Designed and built for demanding applications, they are available in two specialized levels of accuracy; .010", and .005" resolution.

.010" Standard Accuracy

CalComp DrawingBoard VI
.005" Medium Accuracy

CalComp DrawingBoard VI
These digitizers are commonly used in the garment industry for pattern making, as well as a host of other similar applications that don't require a higher resolution. The reliability of these boards is second to none, with many remaining in service for 10 to 20 years and more. All GTCO Calcomp digitizers have a full 2 year warranty. If you require more than our standard .010 resolution, then this is the digitizer for you. These higher accuracy digitizer boards are commonly used for Graphics Arts, CADD, CAM, TOPO, GIS and many other computer applications that can benefit from higher resolution. All this includes our FREE Technical Support for the full 2 year warranty period.

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