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The modern technological revolution has spawned a host of new and innovative products that have emerged onto the world market in recent years. Thanks to this trend, the once "hand drawn" world of architectural designers and engineers has been almost completely replaced by what is now commonly called Computer-Aided Design (CAD). We have carefully selected the solutions on this page, so CAD professionals can quickly and easily find the products that will help overcome their productivity barriers.

If you need to take existing paper prints or drawings and convert them into electronic CAD files, the large-format digitizers listed here are for you. These "absolute positioning" digitizers will allow the user to precisely copy the data from printed form and create a digital data file for storage and/or future modification.

When small-format digitizers are used with a menu template they bring a new level of productivity to the CAD technician. Most CAD software packages sold today provide these template solutions as optional symbol libraries and advanced menu commands. By incorporating a small-format digitizer and a menu template, the vast number of mouse clicks or keystrokes needed to create a symbol or execute an advanced command are reduced to a single click.

These products have been designed to satisfy the needs of CAD professionals everywhere.

Product Solutions

Super L
DrawingBoard VI

DrawingBoard VI
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