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A Geographical Information System (GIS, sometimes called a geospatial information system), is a specialized system that captures, stores, analyzes and manages data and other associated factors that are spatially referenced to planet earth. Most of these systems are used by government organizations for cartography (land mapping) and recording geological and meteorological events. Once the data is collected and stored in a database, it can be extremely helpful in managing natural resources as well as analyzing geologic and metrologic incidents.

GTCO CalComp continues to be a leading supplier of digitizing tablets aimed at the GIS marketplace. The ultra-high accuracy and reliability of the AccuTab and DrawingBoard series of digitizers makes them a natural selection for this demanding industry. In the AccuTab Surface-Lit series you can put these foundation features together with the company's patented technology called 'Surface Lighting', which provides superior illumination compared to competing products, and you have a winning combination: proven reliability, the highest accuracy, and work surface lighting that provides ease and comfort of use. As a result of this innovative technology, GTCO CalComp was awarded the digitizing tablet portion for the two largest GIS contracts in the United States, as a subcontractor to:
1. - IBM Corporation, US Forest Service GIS contract.
2. - Computer Sciences Corporation, US Bureau of Land Management GIS contract.

Product Solutions

AccuTab VI

GTCO AccuTab VI Surface-Lit

CalComp DrawingBoard VI
DrawingBoard VI
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