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GTCOAccuTab VI Digitizers

The GTCO AccuTab VI has been replaced by the GTCO CalComp DrawingBoard VI. The DrawingBoard VI has two available accuracies: 0.010"and 0.005".

GTCO CalComp DrawingBoard VI
DrawingBoard VI digitizers utilize the Advanced Function Technology that has set the world standard for performance. Internally, these high performance tools are engineered with a state-of-the-art positioning grid to ensure reliability, performance and quality. Multiple accuracy versions are available to match specific system requirements, and an integrated mounting channel allows accessories such as a pen tray to be easily and quickly mounted.
  • Resolution up to 12,700 lines per inch
    Accuracy ±  0.002 in (± 0.051 mm)
  • Convenience Features
    Easy-to-install software
    Powered via USB connection which simplifies setup
    Integrated USB & RS-232 connections (RS-232 requires optional power supply)
  • Software Drivers
    Wide range of compatibility
    Programmable macros (RS-232 only)
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