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Solutions for Graphic Artists

Where would marketing be today without graphic arts? In just a few short years it seems apparent that digital graphics are here to stay, and rightly so. Having the ability to digitally create, manipulate and store creative art works has raised the bar in today's competitive workplace. Never before has the unlikely relationship between technology and the artistic community played such an important role in shaping the way we see the world around us.

Graphics professionals looking for a competitive edge are constantly searching for tools and techniques that supplement their creativity. GTCO CalComp graphics tablets and digitizers are the solution, providing creative graphic artists with the tools needed to produce highly detailed digital images. If you have ever tried to draw with a mouse, you will appreciate the free-hand style provided by a GTCO CalComp DrawingBoard VI series digitizer. Using a cordless pressure pen or light-touch stylus you will be able to express your creativity in ways that only pen to paper artists can. Another advantage is the ability to edit your artworks as many times as you desire, because they are recorded and stored in the data format of your choice.

Product Solutions

Super L
DrawingBoard VI
Small Format

DrawingBoard VI
Large Format

GTCO AccuTab VI Surface-Lit
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